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24th January 2013, 00:41
Hello All
I found this website while Googling information on the loss of the SS Valencia, which happened 107 years ago yesterday. I've saved the great writeup I've found about the "Titanic of the Pacific Northwest" or "America's Titanic" as mentioned in the writeup disaster.
My interest in the SS Valencia comes from the fact my grandfather was aboard that ship. I didn't know that until some years after he had passed away, my grandmother gave me a copy of a newspaper article written about him in 1956. It mentioned he had been sent to Sonoma, CA to recuperate by the steamship company after the loss of the ship.
My grandfather, Anton Neuman started his career on his father's trading vessel on the Baltic. He then came around the "Horn" on a squarerigger in 1896. Jumped ship in San Francisco and was shortly therafter Shanghied onto a whaler bound for the Bering Sea. In some respects it was a blessing, he didn't speak english, only German, didn't have any heavy weather gear and was assigned to the engine room. This is where he learned about steam engines, he made another whaling voyage then went into the Pacific Coast Coastal Lumber Fleet sailing on numerous Steam Schooners. In Dec 1905 he was in the Seamans Hospital in San Pedro, CA. In Jan 1906 he was aboard the SS Valencia according to the newspaper article.
I was about six years old (56 years ago) when I asked him if he had ever been shipwrecked. He told me of this terrible shipwreck, never mentioned the ship by name. I remember something about a raft and he was the only one on the raft that survived, as far as he knew, because he had lashed himself to it and the others didn't. At some point he passed out and awoke some days later in a hospital in Seattle, never knowing how he got there, according to my grandmother.
He went on to sail for the Alaska Packers Association aboard the Star of Greenland, and the Star of Alaska.
In 1920 he bought land south of Sonoma Ca and built a resort which became well known amongst sailors and others in the San Francisco Bay area. He had retired from the sea but when he wanted to go back to Germany he would work his way back in the blackgang of a steamer. According to my grandmother the Union still had him on the books well into the 1950's!
His nephew Anton Werner also sailed for the APA aboard the Star of Holland to the Nushagak Cannery.
Because of my grandfathers stories and his nephew's stories I have been interested in Maritme History.
My brother served aboard the USS Sperry AS12 and the USS Cimarron AO22 when he was in the Navy, so I study Naval history as well.
I look forward to exploring this site more!

24th January 2013, 07:52
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