Ganges / Hughli

27th February 2006, 14:16
Hi everyone! I am looking for information on the fate of Nourse Line’s 1950-built Ganges which was sold in 1965 to St. Merryn Shipping Co and renamed Shirley Christine
and of the 1943-built Hughli which was sold in 1960 to Red Anchor Line and renamed Nancy Dee.

Any clues?

Hugh MacLean
27th February 2006, 15:15
MV Hughli (1943)
Last Name - Nancy Dee (1960)

Status: Scrapped - 8/4/1971 Kaohsiung

MV Ganges (1950)
Last Name - Shirley Christine (1965), LEONIS (1968)

Am not sure what happened to her after 1968


Dave Edge
27th February 2006, 23:12
St Merryn Shipping Company was part of Red Anchor Line. The "Leonis" was wrecked on Takoradi Reef on 11 September 1971 when en route from Pointe Noir to Takoradi. I have posted a photo of the "Nancy Dee", ex "Hughli", under Tramp Steamers.

28th February 2006, 07:32
Thank you both for your quick replies!

Harry Nicholson
28th February 2006, 11:37
Just looked in my discharge book and see I coasted the Hughli in 1956 for 3 weeks as R/O, a rather eventful three weeks too. She sailed out for a two year trip after that. She was a tropical ship, cabin doors opened straight onto the deck. Small crew of European officers (two refugee Polish engineers) Scots captain, some Chinese and some Indians. She missed her sailing out of Barry Dock, as most officers were in hospital with food poisoning (getting the stomach pump treatment) due to the pie and peas bought on our way back to the ship, at a chip shop in Tiger Bay, bought opposite Shirley Bassey's childhood house. (I can see it now from the wall outside the shop where my mates had propped me while they were inside).The medical authorities worked out where the poisoning came from because they learned that I had not had the pies on account of being overcome by the beer at the time. Everyone else had pies except Captain who had not been ashore.
He was a stern, old fashioned Scotsman (said he was a genuine Pict) who liked to dominate the dining table with his views. I upset him by telling him that I'd read that the Picts might have been one of Lost Tribes of Isreal, I can still see him spluttering now.

Dave Edge
28th February 2006, 22:25
The Radio Officer's door opened directly onto the deck and I think the Captain's dayroom, which was next door, also had a door directly onto 'his' deck. The rest opened into internal alleyways except the Chief Steward who lived in solitary splendour at the after end of the boat deck (the former apprentices'accommodation?).

2nd March 2006, 18:49
Came back to the U.K. in May 1952 on the " Hughli " as passenger from Matanzas, Cuba to London. Cargo of sugar. The same year I went to sea in earnest. Earnest never got over it!


" Cuba primero, y el estranjeros despues. "

31st January 2008, 15:33

Ot sure i would want to sail on a ship called Shirley Christine