BT-01 Trials

31st January 2013, 15:10
BT-01 is a prototype Atlantic 85, is this boat THE prototype?The LBES bible says B-800 became BP-01 with the publicity Fleet. Is this the same boat or a different boat? Has anyone got any hard evidence that BP-01 actually exists please.

Galley Boy
1st February 2013, 11:33
Neil, the 2012 LBES Handbook has B-800 Prototype renumbered B-P02 of which I have a couple of photos, nothing on BT-01

9th March 2013, 16:12
Found this out, very interesting!!

There were 4 prototypes, a black plastic boat (twintex) followed by BP 01 through to BP 03. These three boats used a different construction and materials and were used for all the evaluation trials.
Approx year of build for the BP boats was around 2003
BT 01 is a different boat and was made up as a trials boat, as we know it was unsuitable for a station boat due to manufacturing concerns.
All of the 3 BP prototypes were scrapped after completing valuable trials.
Bt-01 continues

12th March 2013, 21:06
That's good information, how did you come by that?

14th March 2013, 08:49
My sources!!!

14th March 2013, 08:51
From my "Sources"!!!