M.V City of Athens

6th February 2013, 10:57
I'm trying to find any information on the M.V City of Athens between the years 1970-1976. My father was a Donkey Greaser until his death on board the ship in 1976 when it was docked in Portugal. I'm hoping to get photos, stories or anything about the ship or even him and his death.

stan mayes
6th February 2013, 11:24
Do you mean City of Athens which was on charter to Ellerman Lines?
If so I have a photo of her.

6th February 2013, 12:13
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I think this is the ship you are looking for https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/131727/title/city-of-athens/cat/510

stan mayes
6th February 2013, 13:59
Yes David -that is the City of Athens in question.
The photo I have is of a Greek ship taken on charter earlier..

6th February 2013, 14:13
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6th February 2013, 14:54
That's the right ship thank you I don't suppose you know anything else about the ship or the crew or even where I can get photos of on board it?

6th February 2013, 20:26

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6th February 2013, 21:37
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7th February 2013, 10:59
Does anyone know where I could get more info on a particular sailor or what ships he worked on? And thank you for the warm welcome.