Actual Footage Of Spitfire Attacks

7th February 2013, 01:08
If Interested in first hand photo's of Royal Air Force Spitfire attack may wish to click on the following to view this video.

This is a link to the viewing of the "HERE (

7th February 2013, 01:35
cshortridge73 .good morning,i have just watched your spifire clip.great.when i was a boy at school in the early war years we use to holds collections to buy a spitfire.from memory.they said it cost 5.000 pounds to make one.of course we thought that was a lot of money in those days.we wached them goieng into action during air raids.we would be shouting all kinds of abuse at gerry.if the spit shot one down there was a lot of cheering.thanks for the memory;s have a good one ben27