City of Hereford

jam butty
1st March 2006, 06:02
I am looking for pictures of the city of Hereford and the city of eastbourne on which I sailed as an engineer n the mid 60s

Rockin Robin
5th March 2006, 19:43
Hi Robin here, IM going through all my info I was with Ellermans from 65 to 73 as Electrican, if i find photo`s ill send. Best regards Robin. having trouble finding the Hereford, the Eastbourne was renamed the city of Toronto in 1971
for the Canadian services made redundant in 1978 she became Kota Cantik ofSingapore`s Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd. She was Broken up at Kaohsiung in 1984. ill Post the Photo When I take from the ships in Focus by
John Clarkson and Roy Fenton Best regards for now Robin.

jam butty
9th March 2006, 08:51
Thanks for your reply mate, I am looking forward to recieving any pics you can forward,

10th March 2006, 08:13
please find attached a pic of City of Hereford,
Gary (

Douglas Young
29th May 2006, 20:18
Some excellent pictures in the site, got lovely ones of the Glasgow and Gloucester on this site, the glasgow being my last ship in Ellermans in 1968, when she came off the South Africa run and went on to the Canada India trade.