years 1962 to 1964

10th February 2013, 02:26
Hi all
My name is Alf Jones engineer and sailed on the Matina, Golfito, Chuscal. during these years and would like to hear from any one who may remember me. They were good ships and the best people and good company to sail with.

16th May 2013, 16:07
hi my name is Jennifer Dand my father Robert Dand was a chief engineer and left the company around 1966. he died in 1970 and I am desperately trying to find some information on the ships he was on or any photos. The photos I did have were lost when I moved from Bristol my grandchildren asked me what ships he had been on and where he had sailed. any info would be gratefully received thank you

Ian Beattie
16th May 2013, 17:01
Hi Jennifer - just a sugestion if you go to forums and scroll down you will reach a section on shipping companies - one of which is elder ffyfes in amongst a group starting with (I think Bank Line) and there are sure to be plenty of old shipmates of your father there - for sure - any way worth checking it out.
Best of luck on your endeavours Chow Ian

16th May 2013, 17:09
thank you so much I will give it a try.