Terence York
12th February 2013, 19:28
I was on the kayeson from 1962-1963 for six and a half months mainly on the Kuwait run, also Tunisia and Rotterdam. Whilst in Port de Bouc, near Marseille we had a run ashore (as one does). The next morning we heard that the bosun had been found dead in the dock,by the ship. The word was that he was returning to the ship perhaps the worse for wear for drink when he was beaten up by the local Gendarmes. The next night some of the crew took it upon themselves to go ashore and cause a bit of bother. As a result all shore leave was stopped and apparently we were banned from entering France again (I have been back many times over the years). I can't put an exact date on this incident but I think it would be early 1963. If anyone can verify this or add to the story I would be grateful

13th February 2013, 16:01
Greetings Terence and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.