Tasmania Star

Rick Andrews
1st March 2006, 17:15
Hi, I was interested to read a few comments on the Tasmania Star and some of her passed crews. She was certainly a lot of work on deck with those 7 hatches and 27 derricks. When they were all topped she was something that looked like she should be managed by the forrestry commision. I did 7 months on her in 1959 as a deck boy, F.N. Johnson was Capt A.L. Wingham was Chief. As in most Blue Star ships the deck crowd were mostly Highland men, the quip was Blue Star had more Mac's than Burtons. Tommy O'Brien was Bosun, Alex McKinnon was Lampy. I also remember Charlie Lomax A.B, John (lofty) Dadd E.D.H. amongst all the Mac's. I'm not very good on computer but am going to try to attatch photo's from that voyage. Rick.

jim barnes
2nd March 2006, 00:09
Welcome Rick..look forward to your pictures.. (Hippy)

Rick Andrews
2nd March 2006, 11:16
Hi Jim, Photos are there should just have to click on them to enlarge, both taken in New Zealand 1959 when a 16 year old. I notice you were on the Pool Fisher, My cousin was burnt to death on her in Rotterdam, he was Bosun it was first port of call after joining in Cardiff in 1958, it could be a later Pool Fisher though. Also I did two trips to west coast US on Canadian Star which was your Raeburn, she was my favourite of all my Blue Star ships and have just had an oil painting done by wallace in NZ he's a member. The picture is on the www.bluestarline.org home page, Rick.

15th March 2007, 10:15
hi Rick, your right,she was a work up, but thats what made you feel worthwhile, you used all your skills and training, what do they do now? I hear that some boats dont even have wheels these days! Must be incredibly boring. I had a great time on the "Tazzy". May to august 67. cheers, Colin knight, aka sailor 63.

25th November 2012, 18:20
The Tasmania Star was my first ship after leaving the Vindicatrix..join her around Jan 1965 in Liverpool my home town.. she incurred some problem during the night and had to calling in at Milford Haven... then Jamaica, Panama canal, then all around New Zealand,had to drop off a EDH who had fallen from a derrick at Tahiti ...a tender came out to meet us..then off to the States..Bermuda... Cardiff


25th November 2012, 20:13
Further i entered the Boxing at the Vindi and won at my weight and low and behold the old baker on the Tassy was a Londoner who was a former lightweight champion of New Zealand, he must have been in his 50's, back then....there was an article in the Auckland newspaper stating his return and meeting up with his old trainer.


Tony Geeves
5th December 2012, 08:59
With ref. to #4, I did the same trip as you on the Tassie as Donkey Greaser. She was my first steam job, and it was a bit hot down there. Nice to hear from someone who was there. Regards T.G.

7th March 2013, 10:45
I sailed on the first voyage of the Tassie. She was the largest single screwed vessel to sail from Royal Docks and was touching bottom while alongside and had to be pulled off by tugs. Had a good voyage to Oz but was not happy with the bosun. Prior to that was on the old Napier Star. Six months trip to Oz with 17 breakdowns. First problem was a fire in the funnel off Dungeness and the last was when the Doxford diesel exploded off Dungeness inward bound and had to be towed to Royal docks. Happy days!
Pincher M

10th January 2016, 16:16
My seafaring days were some of the best times in my life. I joined the Tasmania Star in Rotterdam January 1964 along with Barrie and Percy as AB's. All three of us from Gravesend. Unfortunately Percy has now passed away and as far as I know Barrie is still alive and well living in Aukland. We left the ship in April at Avonmouth. Happy Days!

Danny Murray brid
13th July 2016, 12:35
Hi to you all, I've only just joined , I joined the Tasmania Star in Liverpool on 15/11/66. I was sent by the Hull Pool, along with 2 other deck ratings. We did the Aussie run and then loaded up again in New Zealand, last port there was Timaru, returning via the Panama back to Liverpool and Gladstone Dock, I was an S.O.S on her. I also got my Steering Certificate as well. We paid off 25/3/67.