Tony Summers

3rd March 2013, 17:09
Alright Guys,

My Uncle and Godfather Tony Summers 'Crossed the bar' after a short illness.
You will remember Tony because he was always laughing.
He was 75 years old and retired in 1999 after almost 41 years at sea.His first ship was CARINTHIA sailing out of Liverpool (27/11/59).His last ship was City of Capetown (24/01/99).
Since 1976 he was on the box boats with OCL.
He was a POE when he retired.
He was as old school as they come and will be buried at St.Anthony's on Scotland Road, Liverpool on 11th March 2013.

Ste Kirby

17th June 2013, 16:19
i sailed with tony , your right he was always laughing a great guy and shipmate strong as an ox aswell R.I.P.