Last Voyage of USS Iowa

Rob Wood
9th March 2013, 17:59
Didn't see any photos here of Iowa passing through the Golden Gate for the last time, so thought I'd post some of mine.


Rob Wood
9th March 2013, 18:07
Here are the last three shots.


10th March 2013, 01:04
good morning rob, voyage of uss iowa.just reading your tread.fantastic photos.including the xtra three on today04:07.i lived oakland across the bay many years ago.and you capture the bay perfectly.good memories.(i was living there while the ship i had joined was being converted to cargo.from troop was in moors dry you know it.have a good one,ben27

10th March 2013, 01:47
Earth will not see such ships as these again. Not unless you go see her in San Pedro, or the Mighty Mo at Pearl.

The USS Missouri was anchored off Esquimalt, shortly before her decommissioning, attracting thousands of viewers every hour of her stay. I went down to see her when she weighed, and went upon her final voyage. The WWII battleships were powerful looking monsters. We often get the Stennis, Abe and the other carriers from Everett and San Diego in the same anchorage, and although powerful enough to wipe out a fair sized country, they just don't have the appeal, to me at least, of those big battlewagons with those huge turrets and mighty guns.