Esso Oxford & Esso Plymouth (Late 1950's)

Arthur C
13th March 2013, 09:18
Hi All Esso Guys,
Do any of you have photo's of the two above ships, for an elderly terminally ill friend who served on these as Junior Engineer in the late 1950's.

I would really appreciate it if you could help.

Many Thanks, Arthur C.

13th March 2013, 09:23
Try these:

n. liddell (sparks)
13th March 2013, 10:33
greetings Arthur - have a look at - lots of ESSO pictures including those you are looking for - BV

13th March 2013, 11:49

On photoship take a look at the section "Old Ships Pictures" at, where you will find photographs of both the vessels you are looking for.

Arthur C
14th March 2013, 05:49
Many thanks to BlythSpirit, n.liddell & callpor,

I have downloaded the information, many thanks to you three, this will make my ill friend Jim, very happy.

I found very good, as well as your tips.

Best Wishes from West Oz.,

Arthur C., ex 3/E, Houlders.