Convoy SC-118 [Worst Convoy Battle of WW II]

19th March 2013, 12:32
The days of easy uncontested victories for the U-boats drew to a close in the Spring of 1943 as increasing numbers of convoy escorts, new anti-submarine weapons and long range air patrols began to take a toll of the undersea raiders. In April 1943 U-boats sank 245,000 tons of Allied shipping for the loss of 15 submarines. In May, 40 U-boats were sunk for a loss of only 165,000 tons, a remarkable turn around in one month that foreshadowed the collapse of the U-boat campaign.

Acting Commander F. B. Proudfoot, Royal Navy, had every reason to be pleased as darkness fell on the evening of 6 February 1943. As he stood on the bridge of HMS Vanessa and looked at the 61 ships of Convoy SC-118 stretching over a front of seven miles, the screening ships of British escort Group B2 had things under firm control. But for one of the finest escort performances yet seen in the Battle of the Atlantic, disaster could have over-taken them, for SC-118 had encountered one bad break after another.

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20th March 2013, 01:46
good morning cshortridge73,yesterday, sc-18(worst convoy battle ww2.)great clip.a true horror story.did they ever cach the bastard who gave the germans the information of the following covoy?to all who passed on that day at sea,may they rest in peace.stay well.ben27

20th March 2013, 10:46
I don't believe they did...........thanks again for your comment

Hugh Ferguson
20th March 2013, 12:51
Having met-and befriended-a U.Boat (U.190) officer when he was a P.O.W. in a camp near my home, he later gifted me 5 volumes (10 pounds weight) of the German history of U.Boats: entitled, Der U-Boot-Krieg by Rainer Busch & Hans-Joachim Roll.
One of the volumes is entitled "Erfolge" (meaning successes). There are no fewer than 72 pages listing the names of the ships they sank!

(Thought this maybe of interest to you Bud.)

20th March 2013, 13:17
Oh my yes!!!! The ocean floor must be littered with them..... Thanks for the info....

Hugh Ferguson
20th March 2013, 13:33
Oh my yes!!!! The ocean floor must be littered with them..... Thanks for the info....

Yes indeed,Bud, and amonst them a surprising number of Swedish ships which, presumeably, chose to join a convoy rather than risk a lone passage.

Hugh Ferguson
20th March 2013, 18:40
This subject was hugely debated on S.N. as long ago as April 2007.
See HERE (
Warning! There are 15 pages, 360 posts!

Hugh Ferguson
21st March 2013, 12:16
The attachments are taken from Vol.3 of "Der U.Boot Krieg"
The American destroyer Reuben James has been torpedoed and sunk whilst escorting a British convoy on 31st Oct. 1941.
S.N. member Stan Mayes was in a ship in this convoy and witnessed the sinking of that destroyer.