HUASCARAN: beautiful conversions

21st March 2013, 01:38
m/v Huascaran was completed in 1939 in Germany as cargo-passenger ship for trade with West Indies and South America ports. Her original owners were Hamburg-Amerika Line.
During WWII she was requisitioned by Kriegsmarine to serve as "floating workshop" (I do not know exactly what this mean...).
In 1945 she was delivered to Canada as compensation for war losses (Canadian Pacific were her new owners). She was converted in Quebec shipyards to increase her capacity for passengers and was renamed as BEAVERBRAE and in 1948 she was covering the route Bremerhaven-St. John (In 1951 she was also calling in Bremen).
In 1954 she was converted again, this time in Monfalcone (Italy), increasing the capacity to 1126 passengers. Renamed as AURELIA was in charge of the large route Trieste-Australia (I do not know excatly what ports of Australia). I suppose she was carrying italian migrants mainly to that country.
In 1959 she passed to cover the line Bremerhaven - Australia.

In 1967 (Suez closed by the war) she was in route between Southampton - Rotterdam, Canary islands, Capetown, Freemantle and Sydney and back through Panama Canal.

In 1968 she was again converted, this time in cruise ship. She reduced her capacity in passengers but increasing the quality of the accomodation. The final capacity was 740 passengers in an unique class. The cruises were between Uk, Canary Islands and Madeira.

In 1970 was adquired by Chandris and renamed as ROMANZA, with greek flag. she was employed in the mediterranean and Black Sea.

In 1977 she was flagged in Panama. In 1978 she ran aground in the Aegean sea, but was refloated.

In 1991 was renamed as ROMANTICA and employed in short cruises along the Mediterranean.

In 1997 she caught in fire and I think was sold to breakers

22nd March 2013, 01:40
good day filipvs,yesterday, conversions.interesting thread.great photos,english,o.k.have a good day.ben27