Capital Iron & Metals Ltd. and the Ships They Dismantled

4th April 2013, 20:01
There is a revised version of the article on the history of the popular Victoria British Columbia department store that had its origins in the ship scrapping industry and later grew into a merchandising giant. Over the years they handled some of the most famous ships on Canada's Pacific coast.

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There is also a revised version of the detailed list of the ships dismantled or scrapped by Capital Iron and Metals Ltd. in Victoria BC.

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5th April 2013, 00:53
good morning nauticapedia,today, iron and metals,just watched your is a very interesting subject.i never gave it much thought that Canada made scrapping an industry,its usually Asian countrys.or.u.k.u.s.a.guess you can learn every day.great thread. have a good day,ben27

5th April 2013, 06:58
The compass and binnacle from the Princess Patricia (1) is currently in the bar at the Nanaimo Yacht Club, having been duly renovated and refinished by yours truly. The only detraction is that somewhere along the line the Flinders Bars went adrift and the access doors are now sealed. It was rescued by Capital Iron in 1937 and wound up in the Pygmy Ballroom in Nanaimo around 1943. It was soon after that that it was donated to the yacht club.