FAO Michael James

Tony Selman
8th March 2006, 18:35
Are you by any chance the Mike James who was 3rd mate on Matra in 1964? I have just joined this board and have read several posts from you and it seems quite likely it is you. I joined Matra as my first ship in March 1964 and you were about the third person I met on board, along with your namesake 2nd mate Nigel James.

It would be great to re-establish contact after all these years.

michael james
8th March 2006, 19:13
Its great to re-establish contact after 40 years. I will PM you later this evening, I expect there are several ex Brocklebank personnel you may know on this site.
Will talk later. Mike james (Thumb)

8th March 2006, 19:17
I hope you don't mind me butting in on this thread Gents, but this is part of what Shipsnostalgia is all about, old friends meeting up. Nice one Gents.

michael james
9th March 2006, 12:49
I hope you don't mind me butting in on this thread Gents, but this is part of what Shipsnostalgia is all about, old friends meeting up. Nice one Gents.

Thanks Coastie, just great when it happens eh ?

Tony have look at :https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/data/501/412Fancy_Dress_Xmas_1964-med.jpg

Think that is you 4th from left ?????

9th March 2006, 12:58
What a mottley crew!!! LOL!

michael james
9th March 2006, 14:15
You should have seen those still standing a couple of hours later !!!!!

9th March 2006, 14:44
Obviously the main board of Brocks at the annual general meeting discussing renumeration.

9th March 2006, 16:24
I'll bet there were some sore heads the next day!

Tony Selman
9th March 2006, 17:05
Great to establish contact indeed. What a brilliant site this is. Other than one or two close friends who I have obviously kept in contact with this is the first of my former shipmates that I have managed to link up with again. Mike and I will establish contact by PM and I hope that with further trawling around some other shipmates will come out of the woodwork.

It is indeed me 4th from the left at the back. I seem to be the only one wearing full dress uniform and the other drunks seemed to have most of their stuff with the dhobi wallah! Some great faces from the past there but I have to admit to not remembering this party until seeing the photo and most likely did not remember it the morning after either. We had some memorable parties in the Crocodile Club. The Matra was a great ship and one I remember with great fondness, I could not have wished for better for my first couple of trips. :)

michael james
9th March 2006, 18:21
Tony . This was our second trip together, I have the Christmas Menu with 15 signatures on reverse - your included. The C/0 John Munro in the foreground is not camera shy, I think he was tying the chippys laces together (*)) !

A good night, I dont remember too much of the latter stages of the very boozey night, but the morning - it was an eternity waiting `till lunch time for a hair of the dog !

Tony Selman
9th March 2006, 19:14
This photo will prompt me to get up into the loft and dig some of my slides out for yet more nostalgia and I will post a couple on here, I think there are a couple with Mike on them.

To bring back a bit more nostalgia for some old Brock's men on here Mike and I played rugby together for the last relic of the Raj in Ceylon - "C.H." This stood for Colombo Hockey and ?? (another sport) Club. I should be able to remember what the sport was but can't. It was regarded as a sign of the times that people as low as MN Officers would be invited to play for CH but the expat numbers were dwindling rapidly in 1964. No doubt some of the old Colonels etc would turn in their graves. The facilities were excellent and as per usual in Colombo we were there for weeks so we played a few games which culminated in CH playing the Ceylon Army in the All Ceylon Cup Final. I was lucky enough to score two tries in the final in front of 4000, the biggest crowd I ever played in front of. Unfortunately I suffered multiple dislocations of the shoulder and had my arm in a sling for 6 weeks. We lost 13-8 as well. Great times though.

michael james
9th March 2006, 19:47
Well remembered Tony (Applause) , not that it would be easy to forget your injuries - but the ground was bl***y hard so not surprising, but we were young then and soon bounced back..... I well remember getting some very sideways glances from the C/O regarding the possibility of injury and not being able to do the job....I dont remember it preventing the lifting of the elbow with a Tennants in hand !!!
Do you remember Charlie Drought Jnr3rd Eng on that trip ? Saw him at the Brocklebank Reunion in 1989 (and 1993) and he remembered that time in Colombo on Matra, we did a tour of the dinner looking for others from that era,we found Doug Cullen and Edmund Putnam only from the two trips that we did.

Tony Selman
10th March 2006, 10:30
I remember them all very well. There is another thread on this board about the quality of food when we were at sea. Matra was an excellent feeder although I did not appreciate that as such on my first trips. Bob Webb and Doug Cullen were both very good men and reading some of the other comments makes me think that Brock's must have been amongst the best feeders afloat.

The shoulder that was in a sling was my left and this had the advantage that it did not the lifting mechanism of my right arm nor did it stop me being able to use the morse key. The major disadvantage of being in a sling in the tropics on an air cooled (using the term in it's loosest sense) was the feeling of the sweat dripping down between your arm and your body and not being able to do anything about it. Who said it wasn't tough at sea in them days?