Capt. Eric Milne 1944-2013

Jim S
6th April 2013, 16:53
Our local NE Scotland newspaper has announced the passing of Capt Eric Milne. He started his seagoing career as a deck cadet with BISN in 1960. He served on Chindwara, Dunera, Nevasa and the East of Suez fleet. He also had a year with the MoD tank landing craft during Britain's undeclared war with Indonesia. His final ship was again Nevasa. In 1973 he moved ashore to a senior management position in Aberdeen based oil-related shipping.
In 1982 he had an unusual change of occupation becoming the General Manager of the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness for 22 years until retiral at the age of 60. Although the newspaper printed a (more detailed) obituary yesterday his funeral took place on March 19th in Inverness.

6th April 2013, 22:23
Yes, I saw his obit in yesterday's P & J.

We were both up for Mate's together, he sat at the next desk.

I became aware of his appointment to manager of the Eastgate Centre and met him once during that time.

I remember him as easy going and very pleasant, quite genial in his later years.

My sympathies to his wife, daughter and other family.

Jim S
7th April 2013, 19:56
There is a slightly fuller version of his obituary online in the "Scotsman"
where mention is made of him being C/O in P&O for what must have been a short time.
He seems to have been well thought of.