Spy Ship: Highjacked

9th April 2013, 14:59
I'm sure many of you have heard of the SS La Rin or you may know of her as the 2456-ton steamship HMS Fidelity (D-57) and was fitted out as a combination decoy "Q" ship and spy vessel used to transport SOE operatives into Nazi-occupied countries. Her last mission saw her revamped into a commando carrier bound for the Far East. Armed with 4-in guns, she went down without any survivors in December 1942.

You can read about this extremely interesting ship and her crew HERE (http://navalmerchantshiparticles.blogspot.com/2013/04/spy-ship-highjacked.html)

10th April 2013, 02:10
good morning cshortridge73,yesterday,23:59 re:spy ship highjacked.a truly amazing story,i have never heard of this ship.or its history before,they were a brave bunch of men and women,there end was as mysterios as there secret missions,they deserve recognision.may they rest in peace,thank you for a very informative thread,ben27

10th April 2013, 12:38
You all are very welcome....I learned several things myself in researching the content.