Privateers In The War Of 1812

11th April 2013, 18:14
This particular article is simply a "History Lesson" on what took place on the "high seas" during the War of 1812.
Yes, it is written from the perspective of the Americans....who done what to who, and according to them who came out the clear winner. Well I don't wish to take "any" side with this purpose was to describe a time in 1812 when two nations went to war, and to understand, which ever side the reader is on, just what took place.
War is never "Good"...but most generally the powers to be do learn from them, and this is called "Educational History" please bear this in mind while indulging in letting your eyes dance over this article.
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I hope the article is educational as well as interesting to one and all.

12th April 2013, 01:34
good morning cshortridge73,today, in the war of 1812.i have just watched your link about the privateers,1812.a real learning curve on American was not so long ago,and look at you now,you have done a great job(u.s.a)great post.have a good one.ben27