H.M.Indian Navy

Keltic Star
10th March 2006, 05:06
Trying to trace records on the following ships assigned to H.M. Indian Navy during WW II.

HMIML 843 (assume the ML means mine layer)
J243 (Believe MTB)
J190 ditto
HMIS CALCUTTA (Understand she was on station in Singapore or Burmah at the Japanese surrender. Not sure which).

Any info would be appreciated


20th April 2006, 07:31
HMIS Calcutta T339

Bassett Class Minesweeping trawler. Launched 08 Mar 43 Hooghlie, engined by Holmes. 1 shaft VTE 850 IHP 12 Kts. 545 Tons 150 ft B.P., 163.5 Ft OA. Armament 1x 4 inch, 1 x 12 pdr AA. 1 x 20 MM AA, 4 x .303 MG. Complement 48. Similar to HMC Ships Fundy, Comox, Nootka, Gaspe 1938. Sold 1947.

HMS Bengal J 243

Bathurst Class Minesweeper. Built Cockatoo (Australia) Launched 28 May 1942. 186 Ft OA, 31 Ft Beam, 8.25 Ft Dr.. 2 Shaft Reciprocating (VTE) IHP 1750 15/16 Kts. Armament 1 x 4 In., 1 x 20 MM AA, 4 x .303 MG. Complement 87. Listed in reserve 1966, scrapped soon after presumably.

HMS Khyber J190

Former RN Harwich (Bangor Class). Never commissioned in RN, transferred before completion. Built Hamilton, engined by Parsons. Launched 17 Feb 1942. 2 shaft geared turbines, SHP 2400, 16 Kts. Armament 1 x 3 in., 1 x 2 Pdr, 2 x 20 MM AA or 4 x .303 MG. Scrapped 1949

The latter 2 vessels were in the 37th Minesweeping Flotilla during the war.

ML 843 and 844

These were fairmile "B" motor launches, built by H. Mohatta (Karachi) dates unknown, presumably for the Indian Navy. I'm afraid I can find no other information on them.

Hope this helps.

Keltic Star
21st April 2006, 04:43
Many thanks Pusser 509, this helps considerably.
Halifax, NS

21st April 2006, 10:06
You're very welcome. Note that I should have said HMIS rather than HMS in my response. I believe all were commissioned in the Indian Navy.


Don K.

11th April 2007, 23:15
I.N.S. Mysore. ex HMS Nigeria entering Portsmouth after transfer. 1957

Keltic Star
12th April 2007, 02:38
I.N.S. Mysore. ex HMS Nigeria entering Portsmouth after transfer. 1957

Thanks robandbarbara, will pass on to my relative