Usat Dorchester...100's Lost

20th April 2013, 16:45
The Dorchester started her sea journey actually as a steam passenger ship. Well one thing led to another and the WW II came along, she was snatched up by the USAT [United States Army Transport].
Then in one of her journey's she had a boat load full of individuals...being transport to Greenland....and then all hell broke lose when she met up with U-223.

If you so wish to read about this event you can click: HERE (

21st April 2013, 01:51
Thank you for sharing the exploits of the US merchant marine. While a very tragic story, it is also inspirational in light of the quiet valour of those chaplains. Their actions were truly noble, and it is good to see they were recognised by a grateful nation.

There is so little information available, concerning the various fleets of passenger ships operating around the US coasts between the wars; at least, in book form. William Miller has contributed quite a bit with his illustrated books, but mainly about the great liners that visited New York.

21st April 2013, 02:06
good morning cshortridge 73,'s ;lost.i have just read your posting.very moving.those four preachers.were unsung horoes,i went to read the follow up but it did not respond,thank you for this peace of American M.N.history.and may the 100's who did not make.R.I.P.regards,ben27

21st April 2013, 02:08
First off thanks for you comment. I 'always' enjoy receiving comments...positive or makes my day. I agree with your statement about the great liners. I have several books in my own library that I pull from on this subject matter, so you can expect more of this type of article down the road. These ole fingers don't type as fast as they use hopefully I'll get around to this subject matter in the next few months.

21st April 2013, 02:51
And I will be looking forward to it.............with these old eyes!