the Orduna

picktish bull
27th April 2013, 07:59

Does anyone have any photographs/history of the Orduna, please? I think she was scrapped in 1949 after having finished her cruising days as a troopship on the Rangoon to Liverpool route vis Suez and Gib between 1945 and 1949.

Many thanks,

27th April 2013, 08:28
ORDUNA(Pacific Stm.Nav.Co.)bt.1914 H&W B/U Dalmuir/Troon 1951

picktish bull
27th April 2013, 08:55
Many thanks for your quick reply to my enquiry. Nice photo of the old girl too. I returned from Gib on the Orduna in the winter of 1949 through a terrible storm in Biscay. I think it was her last voyage.
Thanks a lot,