Shipyards Of The Liberties

22nd May 2013, 19:51
I have some 'thumbnail' info about each shipyard that built Liberty ships. This info would included a very brief description of the particular yards, some pictures pertaining to the shipyard being well as the MCE no's and Yard No.'s of the ships. I don't knot how many on this site would be interested in this info, but I would gladly compile the info, put it in a readable form and publish if there is enough interest in this type of Liberty ship info.

Also...I have some excellent material about the basic Liberty ship....which goes over some of the finer details of what the 'Basic Liberty' was actually made up of.....which if your interested in this sort of information...some of it will 'knock your socks off'... Actually this type of material I have gathered up over the years is stacked on my I'd just as soon get it 'published' so as anyone with interest may use it.

Again if enough interest....I'll bang it out and publish...if not "no big deal" ...I'll go on to my other pile of nautical writing projects of WW I and WW II.


24th May 2013, 04:47
goopd afternoon cshortridge73,yesterday,04:51 re:shipyards of the liberties,i have enjoyed your other post"s on shipping and would like to see your "thumbnail"collection,there must be plenty of members who like the subject,thank you for posting, regards ben27

Hugh Ferguson
24th May 2013, 10:21
See this for Rosie!
4 clips to this video.

26th May 2013, 01:54
good day,hugh riverters,(all 4)I have watched all4,and it is a great piece of history.and well done to the riverters,a great post.have a good day,ben27