Frank C. Strick

Ian Beattie
30th May 2013, 18:01
Forgive me if I'm wrong - which my wife tells me frequently anyway but I have been trawling through some of the forums and have not come across any mention of this shipping company. I did a couple of coasting trips with the Baharistan and a round Gulf trip on the Karagistan in the late 60's. Most of the lads were Geordies and a great bunch they also told me that great was definitely pronounced as Grey Hat. Good general cargo boats and I think the radio gear on the Karagistan was IMMR - big shock to a Macaroni man and an even bigger shock tp my junior Steve who had come via college and Hull trawlers (2 trips) with the top range gear on board. We kept things going with the help of a friendly 4th eng and a big hammer and araldite, some good memories B\)

Ron Stringer
30th May 2013, 22:23
Have a look at