Ships stuck in the Baltic

2nd June 2013, 13:05
In 1914 when WW1 started there were 92 British merchant ships trapped in the Baltic. Arthur Munro Sutherland, owner of B J Sutherland & co organised a syndicate with some of his Swedish friends to get the ships out. By 1917 77 British ships and 6 allied ships had escaped.
Does anyone know any details of this? I am researching it because it sounds like a great story.

7th March 2016, 20:37
I hope your research is still active or that you might have published something? I am researching Shetland seamen who were trapped in the Baltic at ports such as Riga and Petersburg in August 1914. I know that a ship brought a number of seamen who escaped through Finland (I assume) and Sweden to Leith from Bergen in September 1914.