5th June 2013, 09:48
Now I don't wish to set here and say this is the 'ultimate' of articles to explain this particular subject matter of US Navy History, but it will offer the reader some 'insight' to ship Camouflage.
Some people (readers) believe that they read one article on a subject and it is suppose to be the 'ultimate' tell all....well that my good friends is not how it works in reading historical events and historical articles of interest.
I've published other articles on this same subject, and I find it interesting in the 'bits and pieces' that is explained in this one is no different.
If you have an interest in this sort of naval history on how camouflage came about...this may offer you 'some' answers.....then again it may not...but I think you'll find it a darn good read.

So...if you are prepared to give it a go...just click on the title: CAMOUFLAGE (

5th June 2013, 13:35
Sailing around on a vessel painted "Mountbatten Pink" must have been interesting for the Crew.

9th June 2013, 01:13
good morning most interesting usual a very informative post.keep them coming.have a great day,regards ben27

John Rogers
9th June 2013, 17:59
There was a time for camouflage but technology has outdated it in all forms. Many moons ago when infra-red and night vision came about I proved to many army board members that it was a waste of time and money trying to perfect the best combat uniform for the battlefield,the body forms light up like a Christmas tree when the IR cameras sweep the area,the same for ships giving off the heat. I had the same doubts many years ago about camo nets over vehicles and hidden fox-holes,one person could have the best camo,while another is not so good,but one shell would get all of you, camo or no camo.