5th June 2013, 16:55
Hi everybody,
i am researching my dad,s ww2 record. He was with the RASC. After Dunkirk he joined up with 102 boat coy. He was on estury duty rivers crouch Blackwater up to Felixstowe , i believe he was stationed at Mistly in Essex. The boat he was on was a 45ft motor launch named CHEVIOT WIND. She was built by Bunns of Wroxham, had 2 petrol engines and was twin screwed and i believe a 14ft beam. I have traced her up until 1993 with the help of the broads authority and the mtb102 trust. What i would like is to see a photo of her old or new and to find out where she is now. I have a photo of my dad and 2 shipmates but it is close up, they are holding a lifering in front of them but you cant see any of the boat. hope someone can help me. PAJ

13th December 2014, 18:37
hi, I have a friend who is rebuilding a boat called the cheviot wind he has detailed pictures and keeps a diary of all the work he is doing to it,it has military history as he has researched the boat.

13th December 2014, 18:39
you can contact me,[email protected]