Bank Line - Part 8

Ben Masey
9th June 2013, 16:21
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Alistair Macnab
9th June 2013, 23:31

I look forward to your comments and suggstions!

11th June 2013, 15:51

Having revisited your detailed Andrew Weir history and read through all 8 parts, I am impressed once again by the reader-friendly clarity in which you laid out the material.

To comment at a personal level, an uncle’s first ship was the SS Empire Panther, a 5,600 ton vessel built 1919 as SS West Quechee in Portland, Oregon. He joined her in 1940 but I can’t find her listed under Weir management although he did go on with an apprenticeship, in the MV Lossiebank and SS Sampford (Rowanbank), before she was lost to a mine in 1943.
I wonder if there is a place for those ships managed by Andrew Weir for the Ministry of War Transport in a future chapter of your Company history.

Congratulations on a fine body of work.


11th June 2013, 21:32
I have just found an indication that the Empire Panther was managed by Jack Billmeir’s Stanhope Steam Ship Company.
A bit of a mystery since my uncle was said to have been initially indentured with Bank Line. Ah, well.