11th June 2013, 09:51
Anyone know what's happened to the RFA Historical Association web site?
It seems to have come to a grinding halt!


King Ratt
12th June 2013, 09:35
Hi Lecky. Sorry don't have an answer to your query. However I stopped trying to post to the site because every time I tried to fill in the image verification box my post was rejected. This was probably because I could not read the image verification properly. The characters on it were so distorted. Maybe others have found this to be so.


Rab T

12th June 2013, 16:06
Thanks Rab,
I was posting episodes on "Life in the RFA" and it just was ignored that was over a year ago, strange!

20th June 2013, 09:16

I have been on holiday! - the RFAHS web site 'HistoricalRFA' is still running and since my return from off Iceland (last there in 1960 on Wave Ruler (1) and in 1961 on Wave Baron) new material has already been posted.

More 'front page material' is being collated and will be posted shortly. Likewise further visits to the TNA and to Gibraltar are planned gathering even more data.

Rozzer - a.k.a. Chris

james smith
23rd June 2013, 12:33
The websiste is very much alive and kicking and I view it daily as well as contributing information to expand the fantastic database. The Editor I feel sure needs and deserves a holiday break at times hence the apparent grinding to a halt.

King Ratt
23rd June 2013, 16:59
I had a very swift and helpful reply from the webmaster regarding my problem with the image verification box. I suspect it is my problem and not the website's. i had a similar problem recently with another website so "must try harder exclam". However RFAHS is a super site and of great interest to me after some 30 years with the RFA. I salute the webmasters.

24th June 2013, 16:38
Gentlemen, for clarity there are TWO Editors running this site, plus a Web Master and a load of members and volunteers who contribute to the running of this valuable resource. The website is as James states, very much alive and well thank you all, we will continue to research and publish the rich and varied history of the RFA. However, for those who have problems posting information or enquiries, please go to the 'Contact' segment on the website and you will be able to send a message to any member of the staff immediately, thank you all.

Oh, by the way the other editor (me) is now going on holiday but will be monitoring my e mail.