BIship website

24th June 2013, 16:16
The BIship website hasn't had any updates this year so far. Anybody on here know why?

John Briggs
24th June 2013, 21:42
I visit the site daily and haven't noticed any problems.
There are usually daily postings and I just checked and saw two postings since I logged in yesterday.

James Slater
17th August 2013, 22:49
John, just read your book 'The World is my Ocean'. John Major lent it to me. I really enjoyed it. Best regards, James
Don't log in to shipsnostalgia very often

John Briggs
18th August 2013, 02:35
Thanks James. Glad you enjoyed it!

18th August 2013, 06:32
There Was A Gap Of A Few Months But Back On Line Ok Now VMR

James Slater
19th August 2013, 15:44
Hadn't realised you were a Lancashire Lad. My daughter and family live round the corner from where you lived as a lad.

John Briggs
19th August 2013, 21:51
Yes, great times James.
Went back and visited a couple of years ago and was delighted to find that the house was still there.