Shell Tankers lost in WW II

Francis Russell
28th June 2013, 19:04
I am part of a team of volunteers who are planning to build a museum on the shores of Loch Ewe to preserve the legacy of all those who took part in the Arctic Convoys. Details of the project can be found on our website We are trying to get information on Shell tankers which took part in the Arctic Convoys to Russia and, in particular details of any were lost in that campaign. If you have any information on this or can point us in the right direction, it will be greatly appreciated.

Francis Russell
Museum Project Chairman

28th June 2013, 19:41
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Hopefully, someone will be able to help with the information you are seeking.

We have a Shell forum which may interest you here

29th June 2013, 00:06
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Ken Wood
29th June 2013, 09:26
Sounds like a great project. She'll uk public relations department would be able to help. Unfortunately I don't have contact details as there has been an upheaval due to having moved out of Shell Centre due to refurbishment, but they should easily be tracked down.

29th June 2013, 15:34

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29th June 2013, 17:12
No Anglo/Shell owned tankers were sunk on Artic convoy's.Most were sunk in the Atlantic.

29th June 2013, 20:03
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29th June 2013, 22:07
Ships of the SHELL GROUP lost in WWII are listed, with details, in my book SHIPPING COMPANY LOSSES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR. As A.D. Frost says, none was lost in Arctic convoys.