Wooden barrel style buoys?? Help!!!

papas protege
29th June 2013, 16:29
hey all, my first post as far fetched as it is,
i have come across a wooen buoy, its like a whisky barrel design with the metal bands around the side of it, its bee coated with bitumen at some point i think and is in remarkable conditon for its age, i wonder if anyone can give me information regarding its use and age.
Granted its not easy without pictures but ill put some up over the course of the week, if i could just get a circa date it would help

john fraser
29th June 2013, 17:42
I think when I was young,this type of barrel was used as a marker,or float,for salmon nets set in the sea.Some of the fishing community might have the right answer.

29th June 2013, 19:00
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29th June 2013, 20:01
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29th June 2013, 23:54
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30th June 2013, 07:00
In the late forties we used Buffs on a drift net the Dutch used wooden Bowls on their drift nets.
Our toilet was a wood bowl with the top sawed off which was not very comfortable on the after deck whilst a gale was blowing.

30th June 2013, 12:44

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