Crossed the bar: Captain Colin P. White

Stephen J. Card
3rd July 2013, 15:17
I have just heard that Captain White passed away last night in Chepstow after a short illness.

I sailed with Colin in LOCH MAREE for four months back in 1981. He was rather miffed because he took to the reefer life.... "Just when I find a ship that I really like, they sell her!"

Sincere condolences to his wife, Pat.


3rd July 2013, 20:48
Thank you for passing on the sad news Stephen.
I never sailed with Captain White however, may I offer my sincere condolences to his family.

4th July 2013, 01:40
good morning Stephen j.card, the bar,i did not know captain colin white.but as a member of the seagoing fraternite.may he rest in condolences to his wife and family.regards ben27

4th July 2013, 02:00
Condolences to his family at this sad time

Tom S
4th July 2013, 09:09
Sad to hear condolences to his family

Old Janner
6th July 2013, 09:08
Sad news indeed, condolences to his wife and family.
Stephen we must have been on the Maree at the same time, looking at my book I paid off in Sharjah when she was sold, have Colins signature in my book.
He was agreat guy, who gave me support during hectic times in Valparaiso. The days of the Grape Cargoes to the Gulf.

6th July 2013, 12:45
sailed with him a few times condolences to his wife and family kev.

Stephen J. Card
7th July 2013, 01:29
Hey Spence,

Good to hear from you.


7th July 2013, 04:18
RIP Captain White

I too sailed with him on the Loch Maree and payed off when she was sold in Sharjah

I remember him as a real gentleman, my condolences to his family

7th July 2013, 11:09
Sad news indeed about Captain C.P White, sailed with him a few times, probably on the smaller Ore Carriers. Another gentleman and a competent Ship Master. Sympathies to all the family. S.Moodie.

rob salmon
8th July 2013, 10:33
Hi Steve, Colin and myself were put on one of the Equadorian Reefers, Rio Chone You probably heard about the 3 reefers Denholms were asked to sort out, we spent the next 5 months eating nothing but boiled rice,scary ships it was a good job in many ways we picked up a north sea pilot. One of the ports we used to go was Bremerhaven,the whole crew used to leave the ship and buy loads of rubbish to take back and sell while we were going up the river to our loading port, it was no wonder they were losing 80% of the cargo.
Colin was a gentleman at all times Rob Salmon

oldman 80
14th July 2013, 09:34
As a DSM OBO and tanker guy only (pretty much) I never sailed with Capt. C.P. White, but I remember the name well and I believe I may have crossed paths with him on visiting 120, St. Vincent Street.
From the foregoing posts it is clear he was well thought of - another DSM gentleman, of which they had more than their fair share.
My condolences also, to those bereaved by his passing.

25th April 2014, 20:54
I have only just found and read the kind words that some members have posted about my late father Colin White. I am very touched that so many people took the time and effort to say such nice things about him. He was, and always will be, my hero.

Thank you

Derek Roger
25th April 2014, 20:58
Sorry I never had the good luck to meet the gentleman . My condolences . Derek

Captain C.P.W.White
27th April 2014, 15:07
Thank you for the message Stephen. My e. Mail address is
[email protected] Pat

18th June 2014, 22:18
Thank you for the message Stephen. My e. Mail address is
[email protected] Pat

Sorry to hear this news about your dad, i had the pleasure of being his tiger not long after i got made up from catering boy to assistant steward,a great old man and a gentleman always firm but fair may he rest in peace.