24th July 2013, 19:50
Has been wrecked off Kinsale:

China hand
25th July 2013, 18:57
Heard an interview with the co-owner today (omroep Zeeland) and she said the wreck was salvable.

25th July 2013, 20:16
Hope so

25th July 2013, 22:20
What a shame, she was here in Dover a couple of weeks ago, a lovely looking vessel. Lets hope she is salvable.


China hand
13th September 2013, 18:23
Just heard that Astrid is a TCL, will be broken up in Ireland. The owners have settled with the insurers, will not be going into any new ventures as they are both into their 60's: "with much regret, looking back on some wonderful years".
Sorry to see that little brig go.

14th September 2013, 00:08
good day the;re:astrid.a sad news.just watched your link,she was a beautifull yacht.all crew and pasengers safe,thanks for posting regards ben27