29th July 2013, 12:59
Was on her in the 60s, anyone remember her. We sailed around the Carribean and to Saigon. Kerosene was our cargo which we believed at that time to be for the U.S Army. I remember passing out whilst tank cleaning an awful experience.

Ian Beattie
15th November 2013, 17:36
I think I joined her around January 66 in the p.g. sailed to Marseilles (FOS) via Suez canal and it was a bit choppy in the Gulf of Lyons, it was repatriation as I had done more than six months out east on the Serenia. I remember there was a big hooha one evening mealtime the menu said steak but only the old man got that everyone else got a slice of roast beef (not too thick either). As the C/E sat next to the oldman the steward got what was on his plate over his head. A shortened version of the tale but it didn't help when the oldman said whats wrong with your steak mine is fine. I believe the C/E nearly got DRed for nearly strangling him and the Chief steward later - happy little ship.


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