Denny/s of Dumbarton

13th August 2004, 10:22
Not so much a ship,but a shipyard.Denny of Dumbarton built many fine ships over the years,specialising in ferries and excursion vessels.Closure came in 1962 and this is the site of the yard taken 40 years later.
The other shot,not very good I/m afraid is an old magazine photo of the yard in its heyday and also an advertisement for the yard showing the New Zealand train ferry ARAMOANA completed in 1962 and only scrapped in 1994 albeit under different owners.

4th February 2006, 00:57
Hi Fairfield.

Recognise the position from which you took this photo , it's from Dumbarton castle. Lovely place to visit and such a climb to the top. Are you one of those peple who pay to visit the castle when Rangers or Celtic are playing Dumbarton at home as it is cheaper than paying to enter the ground. Only disadvantage is the climb up, not seeing all the pitch and having to provide your on pies and bovril.



4th February 2006, 01:17
they built many good ships there, sad to see as a pie and bovril outlet. sailed on the ss Brighton built by them.

jim barnes
4th February 2006, 13:45
You can put your hat on it billyboy has a supply of pies (Thumb)

4th February 2006, 17:59
There is still a fine example of a ship built at Denny of Dumbarton sailing on Loch Katrine in the summer. the SS Sir Walter Scott ( Sir Walter Scott/Scott 17.htm)