M.V. Eridan

3rd August 2013, 11:56
My father and mother (Mr and Mrs Ackehurst) left Sydney on 26th March 1934 in the M.V. Eridan of the Messageries Maritimes line bound for Marseilles. I do not have any information on their arrival in Marseilles re the date. Can a passenger list be obtained for this particular service showing arrivals in Marseilles.

I have found the passenger list for their departure from Sydney and they are included in the Sydney Morning Herald under the misspelling "Mr & Mrs Atkehurst"
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Colin A A

27th October 2014, 01:45
I've just today seen your post. I've long been interested in Messageries Maritimes and remember the Eridan which operated between France and Australia until 1956, I think (before 1934, via Suez, and after 1934 via Panama). I believe that all of the MM archives were transferred to the repository in Le Havre when MM and CGT ceased operating and finally re-emerged as today's CMA-CGM. I went to Le Havre to do some searching in 2008 but the place was closed for the weekend. There are many interesting websites relating to MM, such as www.messageries-maritimes.org and www.frenchlines.com . Good luck!