Nostalgic memories of Shell and Others

5th August 2013, 09:42
I have composed a book in PDF format about my own time at sea from 1957 to 1965, first with Shell Tankers Ltd, and then on the New Zealand coast.

The writing was undertaken in the first instance for my various family members who kept asking what life on the tankers was like all that time ago. It is full of illustrations and so rather large at 64 pages, and won't tell anyone who's been there anything they don't already know.

If you'd like to take a peek, however, or download it, you can go to this free, public, DropBox address:

Kind regards

6th August 2013, 12:32
cheers mike looks very good reading

Zig Golding
23rd March 2019, 21:32
Hi Mike, I joined Thaumastus after you, but still in Rotterdam, in September 1958. After loading in the Gulf we went to Singapore, where I was paid off. Do you recall the "League of Chums", and the trial of the 5th Eng who told the Eng Apps that they would see the mountain where the elephants went to die, as we pass the bottom of Ceylon? I enjoyed your book, but would comment on two of the photos. Page 15, titled "Christmas 1957" If memory serves me right, this is of the "League of Chums" en route to Singapore in October 1958. I am third from right. Next to me is my (stuffed) alligator called Adolf smoking a cigarette. The other photo, page 25, of Frank, you and me on the forward flying bridge. My nickname during my time was Zig, not Batty. But I will accept the description, especially after my time in the Eastern Fleet. I left Shell in 1961 and ended up working with computers as a Programmer. So my infection with Tankeritis did prove useful after all. Hope you had an good life, and thank you for this enjoyable trip down the old days.


David Golding (aka Zig)

24th March 2019, 08:08
So sorry I got your name wrong. Frank paid off in Singapore, too, and disappeared into the Eastern fleet.

Many thanks for your comments re the booklet - much appreciated.

I left Shell as 2nd Mate and migrated to New Zealand in 1963, and joined the Union Steamship Co on coastal routes. The Marsden Point refinery started up in 1965, and lo and behold I ended up on a tanker again, on a frantic schedule round the NZ coast. I left them after two years and went teaching instead.

Thanks again for your contact and kind words.