FFG-7 For Sale ?

8th August 2013, 12:14
Is there any timescale for the rest of the Oliver H Perry frigates to be sold off?
After all, we are told that they were a disappointment to the USN, yet various Navies operate them, and NZ could do with a few at knock down prices (provided they are not nuclear capable).
The last government turned down F-16's at a bargain price, and, now we rely on the Aussies to defend us on the principal that nobody would want little old NZ.
Maybe NZ could be persuaded to buy a mix of F-16s and FFG-7s.
I bloody hope so !!!

Donald McGhee
8th August 2013, 23:43
Interesting facts Nick. NZ now has no strike aircraft, nor does it have a credible "Blue Water" navy. The defence forces here have been treated almost as badly as those of the UK, with cuts by (mainly labour )Govts giving away all the taxes to the unemployed,unemployable, no hopers, welfare causes and any other liberal organisation they could, at the expense of even a strong fisheries protection force, where our ocean is a critical part of the economy.

The Aussies got a few of thjose frigates and they seem to do the trick? Our ships sit in port mainly, lack of crews mainly, with a top heavy upper renk structure and so many Warrant Officers and Chiefs that the poor old matelot is somewhat outnumbered. You would have thought the Falklands would have been the wake up call, but like so many other events it is now fading and cuts continue.

18th August 2013, 01:41

That's to bad for that region of the world. Of course the US has a mutual defense agreement with those 2 nations, could it be that is the reason for the down turn of the defense forces in the region? Look what Australia did with there F-111's, BURIED them! So my guess they are relying on the good OLD USA......


18th August 2013, 03:05
Buried them?? F111 still flying here. Why would anybody rely on the 'GOOD OLD U.S.A.?' Seems to me that they only give 'aid' to countries with oil, minerals, or where American business interests are predominant.

18th August 2013, 15:44
Oz, Davesdream is correct, the F111's came from American airforce stocks, free or at dicounted prices? have been buried at an Australian Air Force facility. Those that were purchased directly from the makers have been distributed to Museums providing they qualify. The burying of the F111's appears to be due to an agreement between Australia and Americans, why they were not scrapped is a bit of a mystery unless it is due to asbestos. The whole issue has been well covered in the "Flying" Press. The aircraft flying around may be one that the RAAF have kept for demonstration purposes as it was a unique aircraft design, it had no Ejector Seats, the whole self contained cockpit area broke away by means of explosive bolts from the rest of the aircraft and floated down on parachute's like a Space Capsule.

18th August 2013, 16:05
Yes Oz - that's us !
We qualify on all 3 of your examples.