Ben Line Ships

Simon Hall
13th August 2013, 21:43
I enjoy reading these posts, some of which jolt the memory.

I was with Ben Line for a few years in the mid-1970s: -

Benalbanach 1975 - 3rd Mate
Benlawers 1975 - 3rd Mate
Benledi 1975 - 2nd Mate
Benreoch 1975/76 - 2nd Mate
Grey Hunter 1976 - 2nd Mate
Bencruachan 1977 - 2nd Mate
Benstac 1977/78 - 2nd Mate

I left Ben Line to work on the coast for a year due to family issues then went back deep sea with China Navigation for 6 years until I swallowed the anchor.


16th September 2013, 13:35
G'day Simon.
I may have sailed in the Benstac with you. I joined her in New York and got out in Bilbao, Spain after dry-docking in Hong Kong.
Regards, Roy.

Simon Hall
22nd September 2013, 21:51
Hi Roy

I think we must have missed each other. I joined in Bilbao in June 1977 and left in Flushing in February 1978 after returning from the trip down to New Zealand


25th September 2013, 10:31
G'day again Simon,
You are correct. When she arrived in Dunedin my father went aboard looking for me but I had joined Benlomond. He had Roger Goudie and John MaKinnon on the drink for a couple of days I heard!
Great job, great crowd.