Shell in the early 1970s

Simon Hall
13th August 2013, 21:56
I enjoy reading some of these posts.

My Shell history is: -

1969 - Valvata - Deck Cadet
1970 - Plymouth School of Nav. J23
1970/71 - Vexilla - Deck Cadet
1971 - Hima - Deck Cadet
1972 - Plymouth School of Nav. P3 23
1972/73 - Horomya - Deck Cadet
1973 - London School of Mar Studies (Minories) for 2nd Mates Cert
1973/74 - Horomya - 3rd Mate
1974 - Medora - 3rd Mate

I enjoyed my time on H Boats and V Boats but Supertankers weren't for me so I crossed over to general cargo ships: 3 years with Ben Line, a year on the coast then 6 years with China Navigation.

Good days

15th August 2013, 21:27
I remember the Vexilla well. Six deck and six engine cadets, we deckies were LJ Walton's extra workforce. An eventful first trip for me. I remember John Moxley, Barry Royal and a guy called Ben.

Simon Hall
16th August 2013, 20:53
Yes, the Vexilla; a fine ship. Time is interfering with memory although I believe I remember you and another cadet joining in one of the Japanese ports. Me, John, Barry and Ben had been on for a few months when you arrived. The arrival of two more cadets certainly gave the Mate a big task force as you say.

17th August 2013, 01:33
Hi: Was the guy called "Ben", Ben Cook from Harrogate? Alan Knight.

17th August 2013, 21:33
It was Ben(edict) Cook - thanks for that.

We did join in Kobe. Had several days in S'pore, several more in Bangkok and five in Kobe. Had seen everywhere i wanted to see before i joined my first ship!

Not a happy ship with old man Yarrow - six beers a week for apprentices and only one case for officers (he was made for the post Valdez world). Much happier place after Morgan John joined - real old school master.

18th August 2013, 19:30
Hi:I was a classmate of Ben(edict) Cook in Phase 1/O.17 and Phase 3/O.17, and we sailed together on the "Verconella"between Phases. I met him at Bukom when I was there on "Hinnites" and I have a photo of him from that occasion. Ben left Shell circa 1975, and went Foreign-flag, where he sailed for many years as a Second Mate. He was beached by diabetes about 15 years ago, and died in Edinburgh about 2011 from diabetes-related causes.