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Hi to everyone. I am researching/writing an article on a ship built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson at Wallsend in 1909 (Hull 819). Her name at that time was the KAMINISITIQUIA (BR. 125457). The vessel, a typical 260' lake canaller, sailed from Middlesboro, England under British flag with pig iron bound for Montreal to start her career on the Great Lakes under Canadian ownership out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Does anyone have cost of build or contract information? She remained under British Flag on the lakes until around 1915 when Imperial Oil brought her off lakes for coastal service along the European theatre. She was renamed WESTOIL at this time. She was then transferred to Standard Oil under US flag (U.S. 214109) for similar service and the same name. Some sources say she was converted to a tanker at this point, but I have yet to find any proof of this, either location or date. Some have suggested she simply hauled palletized petroleum products in barrels and tanks, which makes sense. There are some references to her having a fire in 1917 and brought to Genoa, Italy for repairs. Was she converted to a tanker then? Does anyone have any data on this? Does anyone have her trading pattern while on the European theater? Later, pictures of her as WESTOIL on the lakes show her with her traditional kingposts and no apparent traditional tanker modifications. She returned to the lakes in 1921, renamed J.B. JOHN in 1923 and eventually converted to a cement carrier in 1929 sailing mostly on Lake Michigan. Another rename in 1954 to JOHN L.A. GALSTER still as a cement hauler. She ended her days on the lakes as powerless barge under the name of SEA CASTLE. Any help would be appreciated. My email is ***********.
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