Capt T R Phillips

Jon T.
21st August 2013, 15:16
Hi, my great uncle was Thomas Redvers Phillips, known in the family as Pat. He joined Alfred Holt in the 1920's and retired from Blue Funnel in 1960, a couple of questions. I can trace his service with the company until 18.03.47 as Master of Mentor ex Carthage Victory but nothing further, also a family story is that he and another person or persons were seconded to bring a sailing boat/ship from France to Aberdovey to form part of the first Outward Bound School. Any information would be great.


22nd August 2013, 15:14
I sailed as third mate on the Autolycus with Tommy Phillips from 18 Feb 1953 to 26 May 1953 and then left to sit for my mate's ticket. I seem to recall that he was a keen diy buff and had his own bench on deck outside his cabin. He was not popular when he practised his hobby during the 'quiet time' in the afternoon when I was trying to get a bit of kip!
You might find more details of his career in Lloyd's Captains' Register. Can't help you with your other question.
Cheers, John

Jon T.
24th August 2013, 12:54
Thanks for your response, any info gratefully received. Like so many he left limited details of his life at sea. His first trip as an apprentice was in 1914 aboard the barque Kildalton which was captured by the German Armed Merchant Cruiser Prinz Eitel Friedrich and eventually marooned on Easter Island. This story was revealed following an article in Sea Breezes in the mid 60's recounted by another apprentice.

Thanks again. JT.