Canon EOS 30D

27th August 2013, 17:01
My Canon 30D which is 7 years old has developed a fault. (I think)
I took a dozen images in bright sunlight and they were all very dark,
a few completely black.
I recovered some with Photoshop but they were still very dark.
I was using the "P" setting and an eFilm 128mb card.
I did tests using different cards and the P and green square settings.
All images very, very dark.
The only difference was that using the green square mode activated the flash (in sunlight) but the quality was no better.
I was using a Canon efs 18-55 lens
Is there a cure for this or is it just time to upgrade ?

John Rogers
27th August 2013, 20:01
George, try re-formatting the card in the camera,or have the camera cleaned.

Peter Raw
27th August 2013, 20:50
Read this I've had a EOS30D for about the same number of years as you and I#m still trying to master it. Back to the Box Brownie methinks !

28th August 2013, 11:36
Hi John and Peter
I reformatted the card and then cleared all camera systems.
Took a couple out of the window and all now seems to be well.
Many thanks

28th August 2013, 13:19
George, as you were shooting in bright sunlight, the camera's exposure meter may have been fooled, particularly if you were shooting towards the sun. You should have the ability to alter the camera's Exposure Value (EV) setting, try setting to P (won't work with the Green Square) and set the EV to +1 or +2 and see if that helps next time you're in bright conditions.

1st September 2013, 16:06
Thanks Pedro.
All is now well. I finally read the handbook (always do this as a last resort) and found a full explanation on page 93