22nd March 2006, 23:43
Hi there,

Is anybody able to update the news regarding the Maheno.

Last I have seen is that she had been virtually abandoned at Cape Tormentine in Canada and had drifted ashore in a gale.

She was then towed off and berthed nearby to have bunkers etc pumped out.

Has anything happened since.

Appreciate any info anyone has.

Rgds/Mike Cornwall

23rd March 2006, 06:44
The incident you recount above occurred on 28 April 2005, when she broke free of her moorings and partially sank. At the time she was named SANTA EMMA. She was refloated and sold, and departed Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 21 September 2005 in tow of the tug RIG DELIVERER. She was one half of a tandem tow (the other being the bulk carrier WILLOWGLEN) and bound for Alang, India to be broken up. However as a result of bad weather she sank on 6 October 2005, near the Azores in position 36 53N, 28 14W.

23rd March 2006, 07:13
sad end to a nice looking class of vessels that ussco had

26th March 2006, 01:12
Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

Not the news I would have liked to hear.
Very sad.

I did a Google search for Cape Tormentine, (I didn't even know what country it was in!!), and came up with a local newspaper article plus the website of the people who salvaged her.
There were a couple of photos of her and she looked in terrible condition.
So perhaps the sinking was inevitable.

Thanks again.