New in the neighborhood

Old Boy
26th September 2013, 20:50
This looked like an interesting place, and I thought I'd like to join you folks if you don't mind.
I used to go to sea in an engineering capacity, but those days and many more are behind me now. These days I enjoy sitting at my bench building models and hoping to instill a little soul into each one.
There are some incredible builders here, and the models are exquisite, I hope you won't mind a neophyte among you.


26th September 2013, 20:59
Hi and welcome to this addictive site. You will find that there is always someone older than yourself, someone with a different viewpoint and occasionally someone with whom you totally agree !

Enjoy the days to come.


26th September 2013, 21:21
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Old Boy.

26th September 2013, 22:13
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

Sister Eleff
27th September 2013, 02:32
Welcome to the site Old Boy - looking forward to see some pictures of your models.

27th September 2013, 04:04
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

27th September 2013, 11:01
Greetings OB and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

alan ward
27th September 2013, 13:49
We don`t care what religion you are,welcome.

Old Boy
27th September 2013, 20:46
Thank you for all of the kind welcomes! This looks like a good place to hang ones hat. I can almost smell the pine tar, and engine oil from here!

28th September 2013, 12:40
Old Boy,

Also on behalf of the SN Moderators, a belated welcome aboard from the Isle of Anglesey.
You will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience and, since you share common interests with many of our members, you will also undoubtedly be exchanging messages before long. (Thumb)

Old Boy
28th September 2013, 13:04
Thank you. My fear is I'll spend too much time here! lan6 said it was addictive....somewhat of an understatement! :)

7th October 2013, 15:36
Welcome aboard ,just read your profile ,whats the small pond "the Atlantic " L.O.L. Enjoy your time on here pal .