Millenium passengers killed

fred henderson
25th March 2006, 15:19
There has rightly been considerable media attention on the fire on board Star Princess, where one man died from a heart attack during the alarm and two other passengers suffered from serious smoke inhalation. However, the media seems to have largely ignored the much greater loss of life suffered by passengers from Millenium in Chile.
A bus, carrying passengers from the Celebrity Cruise ship on a shore excursion, ran off a mountain road and twelve passengers, the driver and the guide were killed. There were only two injured survivors; sadly both lost their wives in the crash. All the passengers were in a group from Munroe Township, New Jersey and they were all in their early 70s or late 60s.


Bruce Carson
25th March 2006, 15:28
It has not been a particularly good week for the industry. BC Ferries now confirm that two persons are missing in the grounding and subsequent sinking of their ferry 'Queen of the North' last Wednesday off Gil Island.

Bruce C.