Kings Point NY. This news should interest OLD - in BOTH meanings - ED Deck Cadets.

Graham the pipe
31st October 2013, 10:03
Can only speak from my own, OBUASI experience but the 'invitation' was always forthcoming from this establishment for a 'sit down lunch' and a 'look round'. Presume the Fourah Bay was offered the same hospitality in common with, presumably, other Shipping Companies' cadet ships?

Seems she was 'overdue' for a refit which is now under way. The 'link' that follows clarifies. Makes me wonder whether the 'residential' arm of King Ted's, London has changed in the last 60 years. A new billiard table that doesn't need beermats under one leg to 'level' it up maybe?

31st October 2013, 11:05
Interesting Link Graham - but I believe King Teds ended in the 70"s when it merged with Worcester and became the Merchant Navy Training College ( or some similar name). I believe Warsash still thrives - The London Nautical School still exists but with Nautical Studies just a secondary subject. Of course Conway and Mercury are gone and Pangbourne and Gordonstoun are no longer Nautically Biased. None of this is surprising given the shrinkage in both the MN and RN. Poor old King Teds doesn't even have an old boys organisation - Justy faded away into the Sunset - except for the odd post on SN. Last time I passed the corner of Cromwell and Gloucester road the building was a Natwest Bank! So definately no billiard table withj a propped up leg remaining!