Clan Line voyage cards

31st October 2013, 23:28
Following a visit to the archive centre in London I have managed to source voyage cards for Clan Line ships my father, Ralph Bannister, sailed on. The following is a list of voyage cards I have and I am willing to share them with any members that are interested. Please PM me and I will either send you the scan or type out the relevant dates you are interested in.

Clan MacIlwraith 31/07/1948 to 23/07/1950
Clan Forbes 20/04/1950 to 01/07/1951
Clan MacLachlan 17/10/1949 to 08/02/1951
Clan MacAuley 18/08/1950 to 21/03/1952 & 22/04/1953 to 24/12/1954
Halizones 23/03/1949 to 19/07/1951
Clan Cameron 09/01/1950 to 08/07/1951
Halesius 02/10/1950 to 25/12/1951
Clan Alpine 21/08/1950 to 13/06/1953
Clan Keith 08/12/1952 to 22/01/1955
Clan Kenneth 08/11/1953 to 23/08/1955
Clan Allan 10/11/1952 to 24/02/1953
Clan MacBrayne 17/04/1954 to 08/01/1955

9th March 2014, 20:06
Hi Banni,

Was browsing for SS Halizones and your thread popped up.
I served as a cadet on her from 08/08/1951 until her final voyage which ended on 03/01/1952 when she was beached at the ship breakers yard, Boness. A sad time to deliberately run a vessel ashore at the end of her time.

Would be grateful for any information to help my flagging memory of days gone by.

Regards Ron (kildapuffin)

10th March 2014, 23:06

I am away in our motorhome for a few days, back home Thursday and I will check my files, I should have some stuff at home.

20th December 2014, 21:16

I have checked and all I have is :
arr London 31/07/1951
dep London 09/08/1951
arr Hamburg 11/08/1951
dep Hamburg 12/08/1951
arr Rotterdam 14/08/1951
dep Rotterdam 15/08/1951
Arr Glasgow 19/08/1951

That is the end the voyage card I have.


Brian Bannister