LCS - Yes or No ?

1st November 2013, 08:38
I have just watched a programme on You Tube about the 2 LCS ships that are in competition.
Neither filled me with confidence, one needed the .50 cal machine gun to sink a soft target the 57mm main gun could not, an dthe other 'Freedom' could not operate in rough waters because of its shallow draught.
Firstly, are these feasible ships, and secondly, should any nation be considering buying them?

kewl dude
1st November 2013, 19:22


Independence_(LCS_2)_in_drydock.jpg (102.5 KB)

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Greg Hayden

2nd November 2013, 01:34
good day kewl or no?.thanks for posting is not responding.have a good day.regards ben27

11th November 2013, 02:03
First i think we need to remember the mission of these ships as it relates to the US Navy, which is "Brown water operations", close into shore type operations, for those who are not up on these types of ships. Having said that I would say Yes, because currently the USN does NOT have any ships that can operate close in to shore. Granted the main battery may leave something to be desired on the ship in the photo's, moreover the USN is upgrading these ships with a bigger caliber main battery that will give them better defense now building.

These are new ships with new operational standards and computers that are cutting edge. Problem will and do occur with any new design.

I'd say give these ships a chance to prove/dis-prove themselves.